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    Bravo Logistics is an impeccable platform that offers logistic solutions for horticulture and food chain to optimize cost, create greater value, and minimize the risks when transporting perishable products.

    Over the years, the food industry has changed drastically, like deseasonalized demand, i.e., consumers expect seasonal goods all year round, and the other change is the de-localization of plants where countries with industrial superiority are producing minimal agriculture products.

    Are you looking for an effortless food import or export process? We at Bravo Logistics help businesses with major logistic processes. We coordinate with the control from the outset to ensure that the transit time is favorable until goods have been transported to the final destination.

    Our specialists’ monitor and record temperatures of perishable goods from the time loaded to the time unloaded. Our customs process ensures that the best treatment is done for all the perishable items during all stages of shipment.

    Perishable cargos require attention to detail, the know-how of the product, and best coordination. We at Bravo Logistics have a team of experts who have seasoned knowledge in handling of the frozen, fresh, or conditioned perishable goods, transported either by road, rail, or sea.

    We are well-versed with veterinary and phytosanitary inspections and with ISPS and HACCP regulations where cargos meet the requirement of the law from start to the final destination.

    For horticulture produce, be it vegetables, fruits, meats, plants, flowers, dry food, seafood, nuts, or canned food; we help with the logistics of the perishables effectively.


    Have a single shipment or want to outsource the entire logistics operations; Bravo Logistics can robustly handle it. The advantages of opting Bravo Logistics for perishable goods logistic solutions include: 

    Your mining projects are up for a seamless ride with our special logistic services for the mining industry, like importing machinery and exportation of minerals. There are also storage and transport solutions for your projects. We help import heavy equipment and machinery seamlessly and even help design supply chain logistics inclusive of transportation of minerals.

    We structure strong coordination with the mineral exporters for better transport and logistics services as loading materials from the mine, transporting to end customer, warehousing services for storage, and better managing minerals. One of the many logistic solutions includes inbound logistics, where there is flatbed transportation of the mining consumables.

    We also offer outbound solutions inclusive of transport facilities, stockpiles management, and internal transportation at the mines.Bravo Logistics offers more than just transportation, which includes confirmation of delivery automation and management. We aim to leverage the ease of rail and road transport with different modes of solutions.

    There are various services offered by Bravo Logistics like storage, where we offer the storage of goods in bonded warehouses and general warehouses either for re-export or distribution, and there are other services provided, like mineral packaging and stock control.

    Multimodal transport is also offered where there is international air freight for quicker delivery of necessary export and imports through various airlines. International sea freight is also another mode of contracting with the shipping lines, mandatory receipt at the destination, and real-time monitoring services.

    There are consolidation and deconsolidation services offered in the bonded warehouses, where a strict eye is kept on the minerals handled.We have an unrivaled form of service capability in the transport system with several years of experience in offering impeccable logistics to the mining industry worldwide.


    Mining companies often face logistic challenges that are not only complex but also unique. This is when we at Bravo Logistics offer unique targeted solutions for improvement in service levels and reduce operating costs. With Bravo Logistics, you can focus on other important initiatives to take your company forward. 
    The advantages of choosing Bravo Logistics for your mining company’s logistic management includes; 

    Manufacturing companies face logistic challenges, like outbound distribution and quick replenishments towards retailers, where inventory control is also a significant task.

    The manufacturers of consumer goods have little attention to supply chain logistics, which is a considerable drawback. Cost-effectiveness can be achieved when the movement of goods are tracked and planned seamlessly.

    Bravo Logistics offers state-of-the-art logistic services for better management of raw materials and packaging process. We provide warehousing services and inventory management, where we ensure that our team is in tune with the customer’s manufacturing policies.

    We at Bravo Logistics have the best-integrated services in packaging, warehousing, and smooth transportation.We have years of experience in logistic solutions for businesses to move forward without any hassle.

    We follow strict adherence to a system of management of transport, warehouse, and labor. We also offer additional value-added services to our clients for the best logistic solutions.

    Bravo Logistics helps manufacturing unit logistics run smoothly with the collection, management, storage of the raw materials and the packaging. We also offer efficient delivery of the goods, storeroom operations, and maintenance of the plant or manufacturing equipment.

    The worldwide sales market showcases that Omni channels and e-commerce will not slow down; hence, the demand for more shipments will increase. Transportation cost, rise in regulations, scrutiny in the reverse logistics process, and driver shortages can be curbed down effectively.

    Bravo Logistics offers efficiency in manufacturing logistics, which further eliminates expensive operations and processes that can expand businesses.


    The benefits of choosing Bravo Logistics for your manufacturing company include:

    The forest industry is humungous, where an expanse of semi-products or the finished products are manufactured. When it comes to the forest industry’s supply chain, it depends on innovative solutions and cost-effective solutions.

    The success of any forest industry is mainly dependent on optimizing the stock, better cargo care, reliability, brief lead times, and much more.

    Bravo Logistics offers the best logistic services for the forest industry, be it the paper and pulp industry or any other. Providing customized and seamless logistics is our main aim since it offers the forest industries a competitive advantage.

    We have a team of specialists for fragile material. We have the best professional relationships with the carriers for forestry product logistics to offer our customers the best freight fees. Forest products are transported and delivered to the customer in a précised way.

    We have an accurate route network and the best assets to deliver cargo in time. Our services for forest products include allocating the warehousing or short term and long term, pallet inverting and refurbishment, palletized container arrival, sorting and packaging, using equipment that is product specific, and offering protected spaces on the shipping contracts.

    We offer a complete solution; goods are delivered with total efficiency and speed to save on essential time and money. Our logistics services are transparent, customized, and comfortable, where we have the best communication and tracking software to track goods efficiently.

    We have a trusted team of experts who help during the process. Bravo Logistics is adept in solving any type of shipment related issues with a high level of professionalism and competence.


    The Forest industry can increase its work process and grow the sector vehemently with better logistics services provided by third-party logistics service providers. We, Bravo Logistics offer the warehouse sector’s safety, quick access, and reliable delivery of forestry goods to customers.

    Bravo Logistics offers impeccable solutions with a better decision-making process, which is quicker and reliable. We are flexible in delivering our services where we have a global knowledge of Tanzania’s local know-how. We have an international network connected to Europe, Asia, Africa, etc., so that forestry goods are transported globally.


    When it comes to agriculture and food production, the logistics and supply chain processes are quite intricate. Handling the logistics of products, its quality, and well-being, offering solutions to the end-customers, and maintaining the market trends are some of the logistics factors in the agriculture industry.

    For this reason, the importance of logistics in the Agri-business has been increased and recognized globally.

    Bravo Logistics offers the best logistic solutions for the agriculture sector like customized production systems, in-time deliveries, real-time tracking of the goods being transported, and cost-effective solutions to reduce transportation expenses.

    The success in the Agri-business is mainly dependent on the technology used and the maintenance of seamless logistics, where we, at Bravo Logistics aim to harness this for our customers. We ensure to keenly monitor the overall process to assure that the right products are delivered on time, in the right condition, and to the right customer’s location.

    We also offer grain (produce) transport, one of the primary supply chain logistics in the agriculture business, where goods are moved right from the farm to the depots for exportation if needed.

    The agriculture sector has challenges in shipping and logistics for transportation of agro-goods, farmers to suppliers, and consumers. At Bravo Logistics, we help farmers with the latest technology, farming equipments, and different ways of automation.

    Forging unique bond with the farmers as we help them with direct sales through our sister company, Agricom Bravo Logistics assists farmers by handling any agricultural cargos, customizable storage and transportation needs in the best way.


    With faster globalization, the agriculture business is increasing rapidly where the need for better logistics in the industry is also growing. Often logistics is mistaken for just storage and transportation, but there are other logistics activities that the agrarian sector can benefit from, like marketing, the flow of information, aggregation of stock, order processing, and much more. 

    The benefit of logistics in agriculture and the demand for it is that consumers’ demand for a constant supply of perishable goods is increasing; hence, it is important to offer customers the right product and reduced expenses. Bravo Logistics aims to provide these services to clients so agrarian business can grow by leaps and bounds. 

    Benefit from Bravo Logistics services in the agriculture sector as we offer the best supply chain management where we also assist farmers by helping them with customizable storage and transport solutions. We have a sister concern where we offer state-of-the-art agricultural services.

    Presently, every business needs a single-source service provider of warehousing, storage, fulfillment, and distribution in various industries like automotive, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, health care, retail, and e-commerce.

    The type of warehouse space selected has a significant impact on businesses, and it improves the ability to satiate customers’ requirements. For this reason, giving considerable thought to the type of warehouse for business is imperative.

    Bravo Logistics is a perfect fit for any business where we help instill customer’s confidence and trust required for sensitive cargo storage and provide high-value service. Our warehousing space spans over 10,000 sqm, which is in 3 ICDs in Dar es Salaam. Assisting our clients with state-of-the-art dedicated warehousing facilities.

    Bravo Logistics, with almost 2-decades old-experience in Tanzania, offers impeccable cargo services that require diverse handling needs. Also providing lashing and stripping additional warehousing services to meet client requisites.

    We offer end-to-end supply chain solutions to industries like forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining. We at Bravo Logistics have experienced personnel who offer inspiring solutions that surpass traditional limits; our experts ensure the right solution for business warehousing at every step.

    Own a business in any industry – automotive, agriculture, mining, or any other, we at Bravo Logistics offer all warehousing solutions. We are one of the world’s leading logistics providers, where we understand the rapidly changing market.

    Therefore, offering flexible and effective solutions and further go along with the ever-changing market conditions.


    Warehouse storage services offered by Bravo Logistics help business in the most effective ways, like:

    1. Better distribution and storage practice
    2. Vast value-added services like repacking, relabeling, serialization, and postponement
    3. Expert knowledge in regulation, legislation, regulatory compliance, and licensing
    4. Total monitoring and control of the end-to-end temperature
    5. Strategic solutions, scenario analysis, and better network design
    6. Quicker decision-making ability

    Warehousing can sometimes be trickier than it is perceived; it is why Bravo Logistics can offer expert solutions where we have impeccable knowledge and experience in offering the best practices. With our top solutions, client’s stay-ahead in the market competition and grow their business exponentially. 

    Consolidation is all about combining cargo of many consignees into one and then preparing it for shipment. It is inclusive of air, sea, and road freight.

    The consolidation services mainly include cargo transportation towards the stuffing point, stuffing the cargo into a container, processing the shipping documents for customs, and then preparing it for delivery.

    This can reduce the expenses since smaller goods are combined into one for one-time transport. There is also optimization in supply chain logistics since there is a reduction in cost and proper time usage.

    We at Bravo Logistics offer the best consolidation services for smaller shipments that need packaging and shipping to be done in one container.

    Bravo Logistics help with the consolidation into one sole shipment when shipments arrive from different locations and diverse suppliers. Different consolidation services offered by Bravo Logistics are:

    1. Air: Bravo Logistics Airfreight consolidation is regarded as quickly where the cargo is transported to the designated destination as promptly as possible. 
    2. Ground: For this type, Less Than Container Load (LCL) shipment is called as LTL shipment. Since these types of shipments are minimal to fill up an entire truckload, Bravo Logistics consolidates it with other loads to fill up the truckload. Bravo Logistics further offers very cost-effective ground shipping services. 
    3. Ocean: Bravo Logistics offers ocean freight services shipped with containers of different sizes, and the LCL cargo is spread in these containers. Ocean transportation is one of the best methods for international shipping and is also inexpensive. 

    Bravo Logistics have strategically placed terminals worldwide, where we also provide cargo handling and warehousing services.


    Bravo Logistics consolidation services offer time and cost benefits like:

    New technologies have emerged rapidly where perishable or fresh foods can be transported from one side of the world to another without risking food damage. Temperature cold containers make it easy to transport perishable foods.

    Apart from refrigerator transportation, there are also significant aspects of cold chain logistics, i.e., cold storage and refrigerator warehousing that offer temperature-controlled warehousing to flowers, plants, perishable foods, artwork, and biopharmaceutical products.

    Perishable products require cold storage services; we at Bravo Logistics offer the best services for cold storage. We have an international network connected to Asia, Europe, Africa, and other countries and big warehouses at the ports to tackle cold storage requirements.

    It makes it easy for us as we are a company based in Tanzania with almost two decades of experience and know the local market, its people, and its business, and we share a good relationship with the locals of the country.

    At Bravo Logistics, we have our CFA and complete access to ICB for imports and exports. We have a swifter decision-making process to offer the best customizable cargo and transport solutions to our customers.

    Our cold storage facility is installed with advanced machines to maintain total hygiene. With cutting edge tools and pristine cubicles, we retain perishable goods precisely from procurement to provision.

    With years of experience in storing temperature-controlled products and transporting them seamlessly to the end customer, we at Bravo Logistics are committed to offering the best cold storage services.


    Cold storage solutions have been devised in business plans to extend the life span of essential perishable items. Making it an integral part of your business through Bravo Logistics has many advantages because we offer:

    Goods cannot travel on an individual basis but in batches where terminals are regarded as the point of interchange and are important for the effectiveness of transfer between the modes. Transport terminals are one such where its significant attribution is the convergence function.

    When it comes to the importance of transport terminals, size is a significant factor. Bravo Logistics offers a large size transport terminal, which denotes the status of a hub and gateway in their location since these types of terminals become mandatory transit points between various segments of the large and global transport system.

    There are three significant aspects when it comes to the performance of seamless transport terminals. Location is the first criterion so that major economic activities are served better; we at Bravo Logistics offer terminal services in the best of locations. Bravo Logistics terminals are located in the outskirts of the main central areas for minimal congestion and expenses.

    Infrastructure is the second criterion; the main aim is to handle the freight with the best infrastructure. Capacity is the third criterion; our terminals have a standard ability related to the area of land occupied and the level of labor, technology, and management.

    Bravo Logistics is an impeccable platform where terminal services are one of them. Our terminals are precisely placed in major inland rail lines, waterways, and highways, which act as perfect transload points for quicker access to markets.

    Our terminals’ strategic placement ensures minimal expenses and seamless shipping since the cargo is transported directly from train or ship to our placed terminals.

    This not only saves time, but also saves container rental expense. Our terminals are clean and direct for proper distribution. We also offer warehousing services for businesses to operate in the market all time.


    Companies who opt for terminal services gain various advantages through Bravo Logistics.

    3PL or third-party logistics service providers offer impeccable logistics services to businesses like distribution management, contract warehousing, freight management, freight consolidation, and delivery.Third party logistics services include transportation/ warehouse/ forwarder/ shipper/ financial/ and information based logistics services.

    These 3PL are outsourced at different levels like strategic, tactical, and transactional. There are also supplementary services provided like inventory management, IT system integration, reporting, data exchange, reverse logistics, and more.

    Bravo Logistics offers the best third-party logistics services that can be leveraged in the medical equipment or device industry, where a precise delivery process is important and inventory tracked across different locations.

    This is where 3PL services of Bravo Logistics come in, where deliveries are done seamlessly from the point of distribution to the point of delivery.

    We also minimize the costs by consolidation deliveries and speed up the delivery process for important or high-in-value medical equipment. We also reduce the need for physical auditing through precise inventory management and reversing the logistics. Companies with field service operations can make the most from 3PL service providers like Bravo Logistics.

    We create a better database for the highest ordered items and then manage inventory to meet the requirements. There is a higher amount of customer satisfaction when the requirement is met immediately without any hassle.Bravo Logistics handles different aspects of the supply chain by focusing on daily operations.

    If you think your company has a difficult supply chain to manage and is not meeting customers’ needs, requirements or expectations, then 3PL service providers are the solution, since they offer innovative management solutions for your supply chain.

    We at Bravo Logistics offer the best third-party logistics services for tactical and strategic business solutions.


    Up scaling your business through Bravo’s third-party logistic services has many benefits: